I only just heard a humiliating gossip on the leader wow forums (2008-01-30) that aforesaid you could peril acquiring barred by victimization Brian Kopp's grading direct...

They didn't say what was illegitimate in the guide, retributory that you could get barred. =(.

As an coalition entertainer and a Brian Kopp escort owner, I distinct to go on the quiet and see if within were something I've missed, and if at hand were any evidence astern the rumors. This is my individual Brian Kopp's confederation scout reassessment and belike the record trusty you'll ever publication.

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My describe is David and I high regard to stage show planetary of warcraft. I have characters on both the factions, Alliance and Horde. I'm an border line artist and I'm not a leveling pro. I use grading guides because they release me instance to do end unfit bosses with my friends. Paying hard cash for building is not an leeway because I don't have the means.

I'm victimisation Brian's coalition building leader fairly a lot and the last article I poorness is to get banned and all my rock-solid carry out soft. If you are preparation on deed this go ahead I recommend you to publication this on the quiet word.

First lets purloin a exterior at the head itself and see if we can brainstorm thing that looks leery.

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The actual building direction-finder is ready-made up near many, several quests. I didn't have the time to compute them but it's ended 1000. These quests have been handpicked by Brian to springiness you the maximum xp in the smallest amount of case.

Basically they run from lvl 1 to lvl 69 and if you tail them you will even up very, highly swift. I know this because I have utilized this pilot numerous present to flat up a new persona to 70. It takes roughly speaking 1 - 2 weeks for me to get a fresh baked individuality out. The event depends on how so much I play.

The drive this trade so powerfully is massively ordinary. You will turn cost-effective and do quests all the clip. You will always cognise what to do next and this creates a cool flow patch you kick up your heels.

I can't see any puzzle with the scout itself, otherwise than a few quests seems wired. The just piece it contain is quests, pictures and building tips. I be set to you couldn't get disqualified by retributive subsequent a cluster of quests, it's what Blizzard wants us to do FFS!

No.. The escort itself is green, but what active the building mod that Brian created. Yes that essential be it!

Brian has made a mod that transfers the total pilot in-game. You don't have to ALT TAB all circumstance you desire to publication the conduct.

This essential be wherever all the cruel rumors are forthcoming from.. I haven't nearly new this mod because I similar to print out the whole front on article. (Much easier to publication this way.)

Hmm.. Lets gawp at how the mod works..

Every quest, search giver, vendor, and quest geographical area have gotten coordinates and woman shown on some your prime map and your mini map. You will as well have a red mark on your part that points to where you essential go according to the building conduct.

I don't know if at hand is thing extrajudicial in that mod, but it essential be this mod that's the starting point for all rumors.

I penny-pinching in that is no system of rules or bot integrated in the direct. Nothing that can automatise your fictitious character and authority it beside yourself. You essential do all the questing yourself.

If you are distrustful then don't use the mod. Look at me.. I'm doing lately fine in need it.


The hearsay is fictitious. I haven't found thing in the conduct that looks unreasonable. The single state of affairs that could origin problems, but I state of mind it will.. Is the grading mod. I repeat: I have recovered the vanguard to be secure to use and the rumor to be counterfeit. I will persist to use this pilot and I will update this study if I run into any technical hitches. Be positive to bookmarker this to get the most modern intelligence.

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