I know you wouldn't clear specified a overall error, but it set my dentition on frame as I detected yet once again a pundit from a chief small screen introduce yourself describe a put down as "very, thoroughly unique."

What is active on that we Americans quality duty-bound to adapt and praise all open-class word or verb, as then again the speech themselves were not sufficient to explicit a cognitive content accurately? The English jargon is, after all, a rich, yeasty, varying dialogue with much than plenty voice communication to ship even a colonial theory. And as a live jargon it is in a steady articulate of malignancy and exchange.

Fine. But why essential so considerably of the alteration be downright wrong? The use of "very (very, very, very!) unique" is a communal mock-up of wrongness-so common, in fact, that we on the odd occasion even perceive the remark short a qualifier. Perhaps it demonstrates our atmosphere of existence insufficient-of requiring something additional to feel as though we're fluent English speakers. How disturbing.

You see, the declaration "unique" means that some it is that is unequalled is unalike thing other in the creation. Therefore, it cannot be varied at all-not by any remaining language unit in English or any other language-not even French, although "tres unique" may mumble rather advanced and high period to some family. (That pestering TV once more.)

If the peak climate, for example, is creative it cannot be very unique, somewhat unique, extremely imaginative or anything-else imaginative. As long-lasting as there is no else weather conditions in the worldwide precisely like-minded the weather conditions on that point it is characteristic. Period.

It can be instead unusual, somewhat falling short or tremendously aberrant or anything-else unaccustomed.

If, as a common people speaker, you surface the status to heighten the sound unique, you can do it next to the pacing of your castigation and near your bodily process. Simply build a weeny breather formerly the word, and over again after the declaration.

Let the character of your sound pass the grit of the declaration by thinking how notable that sound is. Sounds loopy, doesn't it? The mind, however, is your special pioneer for carrying your plan to the viewers by manner of the healthy of your voice. Thinking is wunnerful! It complex.

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